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We’re posting this, because it’s cool

We’re posting this, because it’s cool

360 degree cameras and virtual reality are the future of immersing us into new fascinating worlds.  While this particular camera is attached to the Mars Rover nearly 141.6 million miles away, consumer models a little closer to home allow you to capture images around town and in the backwoods using revolving tripods and even drones.  Can you see how this technology might benefit your products of business? If not, here’s an example link from a local tavern we enjoy frequenting after long days of code grinding…. They have great pizza too!

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Buff up your Photoshop Skills with PSD Tuts +

Buff up your Photoshop Skills with PSD Tuts +

Layers, masks, vectors, shapes, stamps, transparencies, effects, filters,  and more!  What does all of this mean?!

While content is important, imaging and branding are essential for any website.  Everyone wants a design that is unique and one of a kind to their business, however not everyone is a graphics designer. In the next decade, Digital Bricklayers has no doubt that the next group of successful artists, branders, architects, and programmers will more than likely come from a much younger demographic than what’s seen in traditional marketing today.

Concept art from Feng Zhu, Click on the image to see the entire article at PSD TUTS +

The reason why is due in part to an impressive age and learning gap.  Multimedia platforms, in addition to their availability and lower costs, have aided in giving students as young as middle school access to very powerful software tools.  The software itself has made leaps tenfold in comparison to what was available 15+ years ago as well.

Photoshop is also now a part of grade school curriculum in many districts. For years, Photoshop has given students, corporate branders, and freelance artists the ability to create unique one of a kind designs that also reflect that artist’s personality and mood.  If you’re looking to improve and dial into your design potential, PSD Tuts + is a great place to start regardless of skill set.  They have step by step instructions making their tutorials easy to follow and informative.  You’ll also come to find that these learned techniques are nearly identical in retrospect to what students in design and art schools are learning today.

The Instagram Project

The Instagram Project

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Jack the cat InstagramInstagram is one of the first Android and Iphone applications that gives users the ability to edit pictures effortlessly using smartphone touch technology.  Within months of the apps release, Facebook bought the small development for a staggering 1 billion dollars making the developers and staff of the small firm instant millionaires almost overnight in April 2012.

Instagram allows you to take pictures with your smartphone or Ipad, apply filters and blurs to create moods, and then renders the final product for sharing your digital creations with your online community in a matter of seconds.

With the attention Instagram received as the result of Facebook’s acquisition of the firm, small companies and ap developers world-wide are chomping at the bit with hopes of replicating the company’s success.

The (non-responsive) image gallery below incorporates simple web code that displays images you take, edit, and post from your smartphone utilizing the FREE instagram picture ap.  We highly value this application for it’s friendly usability as it gives our clients the freedom to create unique branding images without ever having to touch a personal computer or graphics editing program.  It also automatically updates the images section of the webpage it’s tied into without ever having to make any site uploads or changes with a personal computer or laptop.

The goal(s) – To give the store owner, media manager, or promotional hands, the freedom to post images into a small business website platform without ever having to understand web code or needing access to a primary website.  Imagine how this simple website modification could benefit your business, product, or brand? The possibilities are endless!

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How many websites do you visit in a day’s span?  Getting sick of your browsing routine?  Looking for a new idea whether it’s in the garage, in the computer lab, at the garden or in the kitchen?

Pinterest is a website for sharing creative recipes, crafty ideas, tips, tools, and images that you and your friends find online.  The site promotes the idea of sharing mutual interests between you, your friends, and family with hopes to drum up site traffic that’s relevant based on new interests.

By “pinning” photos, you save them to your online profile so that you and others can view them later.  You can also setup your images into custom categories.  From there, your friends and family can jump on the band wagon to re-pin what you’ve shared which gives the site hosting the initial content greater exposure which yields a higher potential of site visitors based on new interests.

Additionally, friends can follow and pin ideas from websites that they enjoy based on common interest which will appear in your pinterest feeds.

Imagine a gourmet cook sharing their new recipe with an attached picture.  Hungry yet?  Regardless if you are or not, perhaps you see this recipe and like the idea… You can simply hover over the image, and press “pin” once logged in.  From there, you can also hyper-integrate the site to tie into your social profiles such as twitter and facebook.   Artists and big corporations alike are jumping aboard pinterest as greater exposure leads to a higher volume of site visits based on what the site provides.  Start pinning today and see what the excitement is all about.