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The Instagram Project

The Instagram Project

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Jack the cat InstagramInstagram is one of the first Android and Iphone applications that gives users the ability to edit pictures effortlessly using smartphone touch technology.  Within months of the apps release, Facebook bought the small development for a staggering 1 billion dollars making the developers and staff of the small firm instant millionaires almost overnight in April 2012.

Instagram allows you to take pictures with your smartphone or Ipad, apply filters and blurs to create moods, and then renders the final product for sharing your digital creations with your online community in a matter of seconds.

With the attention Instagram received as the result of Facebook’s acquisition of the firm, small companies and ap developers world-wide are chomping at the bit with hopes of replicating the company’s success.

The (non-responsive) image gallery below incorporates simple web code that displays images you take, edit, and post from your smartphone utilizing the FREE instagram picture ap.  We highly value this application for it’s friendly usability as it gives our clients the freedom to create unique branding images without ever having to touch a personal computer or graphics editing program.  It also automatically updates the images section of the webpage it’s tied into without ever having to make any site uploads or changes with a personal computer or laptop.

The goal(s) – To give the store owner, media manager, or promotional hands, the freedom to post images into a small business website platform without ever having to understand web code or needing access to a primary website.  Imagine how this simple website modification could benefit your business, product, or brand? The possibilities are endless!

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