Linked In

Linked In has become a beacon for professionals who want to get their name out to those most relevant to their occupational industry.  The profile you make public will show your photo, current occupation along with past experience as well as educational background.  There are additional sections where you can display your specialties, current projects, and certifications.  Linked In also features recommendations where friends and colleagues who already use the site can share experiences they’ve had with you, your company, services, and products.

When you upgrade from the free account to the paid monthly subscription, you unlock refined search options which provides deeper analysis on industry leaders and their companies.  Your paid subscription gives you access to the names of those who have viewed your Linked In profile as well.

At Digital Bricklayers, we’ve been asked if we could assist with building professional profiles on Linked In and of course our answer is yes.  Our questionnaire provides all of the information we need to get you started and can be obtained when you contact us for the initial consultation.