Website Hosting and Design

There are multiple ways you can go about building a website for your business.  You can design a website from premade or bought templates, you can hire a designer to customize one to your liking, or you can get the graphics editing programs yourself, learn how code works and piece it all together.  Let us take the time to build the code and paint the vision for you.  Once we’ve created a design you’re happy with we can brainstorm page content.

Hosting is a term used to describe where your website files are stored online.  When your files and code are stored on a web server, additional programs, and installs, can be applied on the server end for content management, security, and eCommerce.  From there your DNS (Domain Name System) registration will direct web surfers to your website based on what location you set the DNS for.

Whether you already have hosting, or need it, we can service and/or build it for you all while giving you the best price, professional service, and peace of mind.

What can Digital Bricklayers do for you?

  • Design websites including customized graphics.
  • Build your website using your current host provider. *if desired
  • Switch website hosting to Digital Bricklayers at a lower price than your current provider.
  • Build your online presence with a professionally built website.
  • Assist with DNS registration (www.TheWebAddressYouWant.???)
  • Make content upload and management versatile and user friendly.
  • Design user login interfaces to be simple and web accepted.