Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Digital Bricklayers do?

    We develop websites, and teach our clients how to manage the content.  We handle hosting, and site optimization.  We help our clients gain an edge on their competition by helping them better understand their online traffic.

  • What’s the cost?

    Our projects vary based on workload.  It also depends on what features you would like to utilize.  We have consulting services that are discounted based on annual contract rates.

  • What does consultation include?

    • An analysis of your site traffic and overall ranking.
    • An overall look at your site content.
    • Coding issues, and errors in terms or how they relate to search engine rankings and device responsiveness.
    • Analysis of cost of website hosting web transfer (if required).
    • Website design costs, hosting, graphics design, management of content, and content management system implementation.
    • A breakdown of site improvements that can be made immediately.
  • Responsive Websites?

    A website that is “responsive” automatically adjusts to the browser resolution for the device being used to see your website. To simplify how this works, view our site on different devices such as your tablet or smartphone. You’ll notice on your device, the resolution is reduced in comparison to what you would see on your computer screen if you were logged onto your pc at home.

    *To demonstrate responsiveness on your home personal computer, hold shift while using your mouse wheel to scroll up and down to see how our website automatically adjusts. Another way you can demonstrate this is by holding shift and pressing the + or keys to zoom forward or back.

    Why responsive builds are good for business online:

          Gives your site a professional appearance on all web based devices.
          Your visitors no longer slide left or right on their smartphones or tablets to see your messages.
          It’s unique, safe, and can save you a lot of costs in the long run.
          Smooth, and fluid site navigation

    Read more about responsive web builds here

  • Do you handle online profiles for social sites?

    Of course!

    Our goal is to build your online presence with a positive and professional appeal all while promoting your services to those they’re relevant to. Since March of 2012, a lot of our friends have mentioned they would be interested in having Digital Bricklayers assist with building and maintaining personal and online company profiles for social sites such as facebook and Linked In.

    We stay proactive by performing the initial setup of the profile while looking for ways to actively engage your prospects online.  The goal is to better assist your business and clients by utilizing their feedback from services, practices, and products rendered with hopes to improve the overall business model.