• J’s Sports Bar & Grill | Ingleside IL

    Another successful build for J's Sports Bar and Grill located at 816 Grand Avenue in Ingleside IL, 60041. Read more about the build in the portfolios section.


    Al's Tire and Auto Complete Repair in Gurnee IL. Responsive website build with mobile click-to-call that's optimized for search engines.

  • Family Podiatry Center

    The doctors and staff at Family Podiatry Center in Naperville chose Digital Bricklayers because their vision was more than just a standard web build. The build ties into a multitude of self-service options including online scheduling and off server newsletter database generation.


    An artist website that highlights performer gigs, promotional videos, digital music, and recent performances all while being packed full of web friendly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that increases website traffic.

  • Peninsula Podiatry

    From the Chicago suburbs to the beautiful town of Silverdale in Washington State! Peninsula Podiatry's website features all of the bells and whistles you would expect in a content management system including, video sliders, mapped images, in addition to simple fade and swipe transitions. The site is also SSL (Secure Site License) compliant making it fully encrypted and secure for site visitors and repeat clients.

  • Jesse Oaks

    Jesse Oaks

    From content management to developing e-commerce, we've improved local businesses models through enhanced encryption and web security. This gives us the freedom to safely organize online sales for products, gaming leagues, and events tickets for the companies we work with.

"Stacking Code For Success"
Essential practices for your business web needs.

Site Hosting

Host your design with us or transfer your current site for a better hosting rate.

Social Media

Incorporate your twitter, facebook, and instagram profiles into a web build.


Host, stream and embed multimedia content from your website and webpages.


Get noticed with increased online traffic when search engine optimization is tied into your company-business web build.  * Included in ALL of our builds.

Web Design

…that safely adapts to the device the viewer is using.  PC, Tablet, and smartphone friendly web builds that are easy to modify, archive, and manage content.

Site Analytics

Monitor site traffic in real time.  Find out where your site visitors are coming from and what they’re looking at.


Host, build, and setup your site to feature audio that highlights your brand, products, or services.


Be your own content manager.  WordPress is an easy and versatile way to build your website.

Layton Health and Wellness

Layton Health and Wellness

Peninsula Podiatry

Peninsula Podiatry

The Tony Ocean Show

The Tony Ocean Show

We’re posting this, because it’s cool

We’re posting this, because it’s cool

360 degree cameras and virtual reality are the future of immersing us into new fascinating worlds.  While this particular camera is attached to the Mars Rover nearly 141.6 million miles away, consumer models a little closer to home allow you to capture images around town and in the backwoods using revolving tripods and even drones.  Can you see how more →
Virtual Private Network (VPN) and why it’s Important

Virtual Private Network (VPN) and why it’s Important

Virtual private networking should be a standard connection type offered by internet service providers.  The reasons behind this seem appalling. Think about that statement for just one second… any longer, and you might develop a small migraine.  Why would decision makers from companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Time Warner, and Comcast want to know what moves across their network from your home, more →
Audacity Audio Editing

Audacity Audio Editing

If you’ve ever been interested in using your computer to record, modify and layer sound, this little gem is a producer’s dream. You have to respect open source software that not only competes with big market brands such as Adobe and Apple, but does so with little if any price. A program that does just that without any limitations more →