Search Engine Optimization

Once a website is built, online propagation begins with search engines.  Search Engines scan or “crawl” your business and website in hopes of understanding what content is presented so it can interpret your sites ranking among other sites or similar.

In order to assure people see your products, service, or business online, and that your website reflects your company’s image, Digital Bricklayers ALWAYS uses web code that’s universally accepted by all search engines while being web and device friendly.

Good standards built from the beginning reflect on us as much as it reflects on you and that’s why all web builds held by Digital Bricklayers are search engine friendly for crawlers such as yahoo, google, alexis, hotBot, and bing. Webpages are easily switched on and off from crawlers at your discretion while drafting webpages gives you the freedom to view and revise before publishing them for the web.

See where web traffic is coming from, and what pages are being viewed, and for how long.  Digital Bricklayers incorporates Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and consulting in all website builds with the goal of bringing exceptional crawler rankings. Methods for traffic site analysis are incorporated which assist in interpreting website traffic while respecting the privacy of website visitors