Search Engine Optimization

Once a website is built, online propagation begins with search engines.  Search Engines scan or “crawl” your business and website in hopes of understanding what content is presented so it can interpret your sites ranking among other sites or similar.

In order to assure people see your products, service, or business online, and that your website reflects your company’s image, Digital Bricklayers ALWAYS uses web code that’s universally accepted by all search engines while being web and device friendly.

Good standards built from the beginning reflect on us as much as it reflects on you and that’s why all web builds held by Digital Bricklayers are search engine friendly for crawlers such as yahoo, google, alexis, hotBot, and bing. Webpages are easily switched on and off from crawlers at your discretion while drafting webpages gives you the freedom to view and revise before publishing them for the web.

See where web traffic is coming from, and what pages are being viewed, and for how long.  Digital Bricklayers incorporates Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and consulting in all website builds with the goal of bringing exceptional crawler rankings. Methods for traffic site analysis are incorporated which assist in interpreting website traffic while respecting the privacy of website visitors

Website Hosting and Design

There are multiple ways you can go about building a website for your business.  You can design a website from premade or bought templates, you can hire a designer to customize one to your liking, or you can get the graphics editing programs yourself, learn how code works and piece it all together.  Let us take the time to build the code and paint the vision for you.  Once we’ve created a design you’re happy with we can brainstorm page content.

Hosting is a term used to describe where your website files are stored online.  When your files and code are stored on a web server, additional programs, and installs, can be applied on the server end for content management, security, and eCommerce.  From there your DNS (Domain Name System) registration will direct web surfers to your website based on what location you set the DNS for.

Whether you already have hosting, or need it, we can service and/or build it for you all while giving you the best price, professional service, and peace of mind.

What can Digital Bricklayers do for you?

  • Design websites including customized graphics.
  • Build your website using your current host provider. *if desired
  • Switch website hosting to Digital Bricklayers at a lower price than your current provider.
  • Build your online presence with a professionally built website.
  • Assist with DNS registration (www.TheWebAddressYouWant.???)
  • Make content upload and management versatile and user friendly.
  • Design user login interfaces to be simple and web accepted.

Content Management

While some are pro-active and have to make changes on an almost regular basis, there are those who are satisfied knowing they have something-“anything” about their business or brand posted online.  Good rankings come with posting good content and having a product that reciprocates good customer service. The most important aspect over design is generating and publishing web content that’s relevant.

Good questions to ask yourself

  • What does your company-storefront want to provide to customers online?
  • Will people get a hold of you?
  • Why is it important that they do so?
  • Are there special offers or promotions you would like to run online?

Digital Bricklayers specializes in designing content based around your business.  Whether it’s to display shop features, sell items online, or just let people know where you’re located we build that presence so that it’s easier for people to find you.

Content Management Systems
Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Etc.

With a content management system built into your site you can easily add, replace, and edit material posted online.  You can even change the overall appearance of your website for specials, promotions, holidays, etc in a simple click at little to no cost. We specialize in building sites and customizing templates to give your business the appeal it needs online.

Domain Registration (DNS)

Once you have a place to host your site, you have to create an address name to direct your traffic towards.  DNS (Domain Name System) registration is how we direct web visitors to your website based on what hosting location the DNS is assigned to.


.com, .net, .org, and .edu are just a few examples of domain name system.  Digital Bricklayers includes this step and procedure in webbuilds to assure websites and web address are secured. From there, your DNS (Domain Name System) registration will direct web surfers to your website based on what location you set the DNS for and what code Digital Bricklayers implemented.

Is your current website under the control of another person or content manager?

We can help.  Use the contacts form below to give us more details:

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Social Media Integration

Social media websites aren’t just for browsing around and communicating with people in your spare time; They’re a way to introduce your products, services, and goods to people who might be interested on a regular basis.  It’s also a way to engage with customers and receive feedback. Companies, both large and small, have jumped on the social media bandwagon to filter everything from positive feedback to customer complaints. Lets integrate these features directly into your website.

Secure Site Licensing

Digital Bricklayers Secure Site Licensing Available

Site privacy matters, and that’s why we provide secure site licensing for all of our website clients.  Have you noticed the “s” after the “http” in our web address? To us, an online shopping cart and website login, should be just as safe to use as your online contact forms.  With secure site licensing, we’re providing encrypted connections that help assure the information you and your site visitors send through the web is confidential.  Providing certificates that host from us to your website show your web visitors that your site is safe to visit and okay to enter private contact or billing information into your online forms without the risk of having that information compromised by the prying eyes of a third party.