Buff up your Photoshop Skills with PSD Tuts +

Layers, masks, vectors, shapes, stamps, transparencies, effects, filters,  and more!  What does all of this mean?!

While content is important, imaging and branding are essential for any website.  Everyone wants a design that is unique and one of a kind to their business, however not everyone is a graphics designer. In the next decade, Digital Bricklayers has no doubt that the next group of successful artists, branders, architects, and programmers will more than likely come from a much younger demographic than what’s seen in traditional marketing today.

Concept art from Feng Zhu, Click on the image to see the entire article at PSD TUTS +

The reason why is due in part to an impressive age and learning gap.  Multimedia platforms, in addition to their availability and lower costs, have aided in giving students as young as middle school access to very powerful software tools.  The software itself has made leaps tenfold in comparison to what was available 15+ years ago as well.

Photoshop is also now a part of grade school curriculum in many districts. For years, Photoshop has given students, corporate branders, and freelance artists the ability to create unique one of a kind designs that also reflect that artist’s personality and mood.  If you’re looking to improve and dial into your design potential, PSD Tuts + is a great place to start regardless of skill set.  They have step by step instructions making their tutorials easy to follow and informative.  You’ll also come to find that these learned techniques are nearly identical in retrospect to what students in design and art schools are learning today.