Small businesses are reaching out to their audience with online newsletters and they can do it without having to pay a marketing firm.  Online newsletters, are one of the many essential ways of keeping your business happenings fresh and interesting by introducing new topics, news, and product updates directly from your website to visitors through a compiled list e-mail address.

MailChimp, allows you to build your email list, create a template, test-send your campaign prior to publishing, while tracking the results of prior email newsletters sent. You can also import your contacts list from other outlets such as Constant Contact.

Visitors also subscribe through your small business website which loads into it’s own email list into mailchimp for quick contact updates.   MailChimp also makes it easy for your subscribers to share the sent newsletter on their social feeds such as facebook and twitter directly from their email.

You can also relax knowing there’s even an opt-out link that’s attached to every newsletter that will automatically update your contacts list for those who no longer wish to subscribe to your online newsletter.    Try MailChimp out today for free!