Preps 312 Podcast

`Brian from Preps 312 wanted branding that would impress teachers, coaches, staff, and students alike that subscribe to his podcast. The podcast recaps IHSA football and basketball games in addition to standout players and coaches.  The show also highlights the impression young athletes make on their team, and in their communities across the state of Illinois.  Preps 312 also hosts interviews with previous and current active players and coaches and interviews with contributing sports columnists from the Chicago Tribune, Sun Times and Daily Herald in the shows “Deadline Report” and  “Weekly Recap.”

We took the time to listen to Prep 312’s show and their ideas which concluded with us coming up with this cool looking logo… A complete website with sponsored ads is coming soon! Stay tuned!

Did we mention Preps 312 “plug” us during their show!
Press play below to hear the audio

  • Preps 312 mock 3 basketball no border scoreboard background black