A fun way to “Stumble” upon new ideas

When was the last time you left a classroom, business lecture, company sales meeting, webinar, or computer terminal, feeling like you truly learned something from the experience?

The internet is our classroom, but all too often we find ourselves visiting the same websites, saved bookmarks, news feeds, work interface, and search engine(s) all for information, which not only becomes a daunting task, but ultimately stops us from exploring the web any further. It’s self limitation that’s not only demotivating, but at times leaves you asking, “What have I actually taken out of this experience?”

Our personal browsing habits are doing little if anything to motivate, inspire, and give us purpose when we’re AFK (Away From Keyboard). The solution, while simple, is to change our browsing habits so that we can see new content.  The problems arise when we find ourselves stuck in our ways.

So the battle continues and we scour our typical news feeds, hash tags, and slew of status updates from around the world, with hopes of being led to a site that brings salvation.  To our dismay, that all to common voice in the back of our mind says, “We’re wasting time.” So we close our browser, log off, walk away and think nothing of it…

The developers at have the answer with their fun and creative site that helps visitors find websites, blogs, and content that they never knew existed.

The site helps “Stumble” by randomizing a search with the simple push of a button that sends the visitor to websites, topics, blogs and subjects. Stumble also compiles it’s data based on interests the visitor highlights and suggests, all while randomizing the next webpage.

What’s in a good “Stumble”:

  • New ideas for marketing and design.
  • It’s a fun and creative way to share or engage users on topics that appeal to an audience or clientele.
  • Networking with similar individuals, business, websites, and blogs that aren’t top ranked on search engines or paying to be advertised across mainstream web.
  • Stories, videos, songs, artists, photos, and beauty yet to be read or discovered.
  • An overall feeling that even though the visitor may have, “Wasted time,” they come out feeling as if they’ve learned something new outside of his or her regular browsing habits.