Update April 2016:

DC Garage Services Inc. has been upgraded to an even easier platform to manage which includes multi-user access, a redesign and custom theme skinning. The content from the original build was merged into a content management system to make the site switch simple and flawless without any delay or site downtime.

The user interface provides the company owner with easy access to update deals his company offers. The content management system also runs itself with automatic updates providing additional security measures against bots and spammers.  The site promotes direct interaction with site visitors through email, form submission, or click-to-call correspondence if service is urgent.


DC Garage Door and Services, Inc. wanted a web design that was easy to manage and removed them from their current host and web designer. Consultation provided insight and direction towards using the same content management system yet, redirect the domain name to a new host.  Emphasis was put making sure the site would display the most recent jobs the company conducted while being mobile friendly so the site could have a nice appearance on smaller hand-held devices. The slider came with a variation of layers allowing slick and simple animation with web acceptable PNG files. The site is search engine friendly and displays information on the front page which rotates with promotional services offered by DC Garage Services, Inc.  Future plans for the website include establishing a secure online payment gateway where customers have the option to reference an invoice and/or make payments online.  From there, the payments would be sent directly to DC Garage for a payment confirmation for services rendered.

Visit their site at

  • DC Garage Door & Services, Inc.
  • DC Garage Door Service Website Redesign Image